Payroll Services

You can choose the personnel you want to work for you and avoid the process of placing them on your payroll. Pacific Technical Staffing will become the employer of record for as many people as you choose for as long as you need them. We will fund and prepare the payroll as well as assume all mandatory tax and legal liabilities.

Benefits of Our Payroll Service:

  • Reduce costs and concerns associated with employment (workers’ compensation, unemployment, etc.), while receiving the skills and expertise that a talented employee brings to an organization.
  • Identify and then evaluate new employees on the job, prior to a full-time hiring decision.
  • Mitigate risk associated with independent contractors (1099 employees), part-time employees, and internship programs.
  • Downsize full-time head counts, while still retaining talent.
  • Staff for project/contract-based work, utilizing experts such as former employees, consultants, or specialists.

Our Services

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